13 julho 2010


Here i am, sitting on my own
thinking about all the mistakes that i make
thinking about my life, and trying to find a single reason why
i can't be happy, why i can't smile every single day
I smile when i'm with my friend's, with the people i care the most
but then, i fall again into the dark hole in my soul.
The darkness don't let me go, i'm locked by her, i can't find the way out.
Some day's it's hard to breathe, something it's blocking the air
something strange and strong, i want to figth this thing but sometimes the strength that i need,
the strength that i wish i had run's away, and let me alone one more time.
I'm trying to find my way home, where i can find some confort, where i can live with peace and quite
i need something or someone to help me figth, someone that would be by my side, in the bad's and in the good moment's

I live like a soldier, always figthing, but it's time for me to rest
it's time to leave this battle field, time to leave the weapons on the floor
it's time to grab a flower and have someone to receive it.
Time for some peace in my mind and in my life
i need it so much...
I'm tired to be a soldier...

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